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Integrity Wardrobe is an ethical fashion catalog with more to come!

Our goal is to build a community of like-minded brands, individuals, and stylists who are committed to ethicality, sustainability, and to divesting from and ultimately ending "fast fashion".

Fast fashion refers to the many companies that produce relatively low-cost clothing and other apparel rapidly, in order to keep up with the last trends, and in mass with little to no regard for the wellbeing of its workers or the environment. Consequently, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and exploitative industries in the world.


We believe strongly that the first step in creating an ethical, sustainable wardrobe is taking a good look at what you already own in order to determine what you're missing.


From there, you can complete the long-lasting wardrobe of your dreams with beautiful pieces from the many secondhand marketplaces and the ethical brands on our site!

Female Friends


"Far too recently, I began to examine the role I play as a consumer in the violence brought upon millions of people, particularly BIPOC, through fast fashion. As someone with global socioeconomic privilege who is otherwise dedicated to fighting racial and social injustice, my hypocrisy became evident. 

Integrity Wardrobe is my attempt to help direct spending away from the destructive fast fashion industry and into the secondhand market and brands that put the ethical treatment of workers, the environment, and animals first."


Hillary is a proud descendant of Africans forcibly brought to the United States and enslaved in Georgia and South Carolina. She is the founder of Students for Educational Justice in New Haven, Connecticut and one of the co-founders of the African Education Program in Kafue, Zambia. 

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