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9 Ways to Describe "Sustainable" Fashion

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

On Thursday, I began the eye-opening process of cataloging my entire closet!

As I examined each of the items, I spent some sweet time reflecting upon where they came from.

(A scarf I bought at an artisan shop in Oaxaca, Mexico! I will add the link when I find it.)

I have learned, from many wise sustainable fashion influencers, that

the most sustainable apparel is that which we already own!

Although much of my clothing comes from fast fashion brands (unfortunately), a lot of it came from other far more interesting sources.

(Just one of the coats grandmother gifted to me!)

That got me thinking about all the ways we can describe “sustainable”in regards to clothing, footwear, accessories, etc.

Here are 9 of them!

  1. Already in your closet (including your fast fashion items!)

  2. Handed down

  3. Swapped

  4. Borrowed

  5. Thrifted

  6. Rented

  7. Upcycled

  8. Created using sustainable, recycled, or dead stock materials + ETHICAL LABOR!!

  9. Made to last for a (really) long time

Bonus: Birthday Suit!

Can you think of more?

(One of my all-time favorite secondhand purchases. Was very proud of myself!)

(A friend picked these up for me at "Yale Christmas" when students move out and leave unwanted items behind!)

(My friend who is an opera singer and who now has an amazing antique jewelry store picked this secondhand dress out for me!)

As you go through your closet, think about where each item came from.

I am sure that, like me, you will be surprised by the diversity of items in your closet!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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