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My Journey to Creating an Ethical Wardrobe!

Updated: May 7, 2021

The Challenge

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to put together a coherent outfit.

And if I include hair and makeup, that struggle only intensifies!

Growing up, my sisters giggled at my unfortunate clothing choices. They and my Mom would then graciously help me select better options.

An ex-boyfriend of mine once admitted that his initial attraction to me was dampened by my less than flattering attire. (And before you get upset with him, he was always willing to spend hours with me at the store, per my request, as I picked out new pieces!)

None of these experiences felt like an attack on my personal style because, in fact, I had no personal style. At least not that I was in touch with.

Unfortunately, as I enter my mid-30s, I continue to make far too little progress in this area.

Sometimes I get it right!

But it truly feels like throwing darts.

However, over the past several months, I have convinced myself that I am going to leave quarantine looking like a new, put together, maybe even stylish person!

I’m talking about going from this:

(Me in a typical look I’d, unfortunately, rock to the office... and then, even more unfortunately, out to a bar with friends.)

(Me in a typical look I’d, unfortunately, rock to the office...

and then, even more unfortunately, out to a bar with friends.)

To something more like this!

(She would look great both at the office and at the bar!)

photo courtesy of nappy

The Plan

TODAY, I have finally decided to get serious about what I am calling my post-quarantine Glow Up Plan!

And I invite you to join me via this blog!

I am hoping that whether you share my valuesor, possibly, my ineptitudes you may be able to gain something from my experience.

There are the 4 major problems with this not yet existent plan...

1) I currently have no income...or savings. I'll explain that more later!

2) I strongly dislike shopping.

3) I know nothing about makeup.

4) As already mentioned, I have little to no sense of style.

But I am not going to let that stop me!

I am going to start with the action steps that cost little to no money.

Then, when I am in a better place financially, I can start purchasing items.

The one thing I do have for the next several months? Time.

My number one goal is to achieve this glow up with INTEGRITY. To me that means ensuring, to the best of my ability, that any of the steps I take are done in a way that aligns with my values: ethical labor, sustainable for the planet, no animals harmed, made-to-last, etc.

By the end of this, I want to feel a deep sense of confidence and pride in the way I present myself to the world.

I know that for me that includes loving my wardrobe: my clothing, footwear, and accessories, my hair styles, and my makeup (should I choose to wear it).

I recognize the tremendous privilege I have in being able to make this a central focus in my life.

For me personally, this has been a life-long challenge. One that I am finally ready to face head on.

I am excited to have you on this journey with me!


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